VHS Tapes

…And God Spoke Comedy Live Entertainment 1993
101 Dalmations Animation Walt Disney 1961
2001: A Space Odyssey Adventure MGM/UA 1968
48 Hrs. Action Paramount 1982
A Dolls House Drama Prism 1972
A Goofy Movie Animation Walt Disney 1995
A Night At The Opera Comedy MGM 1935
A Nightmare On Elm Street Horror Media 1984
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge Horror Media 1985
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge Horror Media 1985
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors Horror Media 1987
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master Horror Media 1988
A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child Horror Media 1989
A Shock To The System Comedy HBO Video 1990
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Comedy Warner Bros. 1994
Adios Amigo Comedy Burbank Video 1976
Adventures in Babysitting Adventure Touchstone 1987
Advertising Rules! Comedy Columbia/Tristar 2001
Aeon Flux Animation SMV 1996
After The Promise Drama New World Video 1987
After The Warming: Episode Two Special Interest       Ambrose Video 1989
Agatha Christie: Behind The Screen Special Interest Spinnaker 1986
Airborne Adventure Warner Bros. 1993
Airplane! Comedy Paramount 1980
Alabama: Pass It On Down Music BMG 1990
Aladdin Animation Walt Disney 1992
Alice In Chains: Live Facelift Music Columbia 1991
Alice In Wonderland Animation Walt Disney 1951
Alien Sci-Fi CBS/Fox 1979
Alien Nation Action CBS/Fox 1988
All Night Movies: Chrome Hearts, Iron Horsemen & Cycle Vixens Action Simitar Entertainment 1978
All Star Bass Series: Right Hand Technique Special Interest Star Licks 1992
Amadeus Drama Thorn/EMI HBO 1984
Amazing Animals: Poisonous Animals Special Interest DK / Partridge Films 1996
Amazon Women on the Moon Comedy MCA/Universal 1987
American Anthem Drama Lorimar 1986
American Graffiti Comedy MCA/Universal 1973
American Justice (Jackals) Action Lightning Video 1986
American Pop Animation Columbia/Tristar 1981
Amsterdamned Action Vestron Video 1988
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Animation MCA/Universal 1991
An Evening with Lewis Grizzard Comedy Cabin Fever Entertainment 1989
Angel Heart Horror Avid 1987
Animal House Comedy MCA/Universal 1978
Anna To The Infinite Power Sci-Fi RCA/Columbia Pictures 1983
Annie Hall Comedy MGM/UA 1977
Apocalypse Now Drama Paramount 1979
April Fool’s Day Horror Paramount 1986
Art Smart Video: Relief Printing Special Interest Crystal Productions 1989
Art:21 – Art in the Twenty-First Century Season 2 Special Interest PBS Home Video 2003
Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman Comedy HBO 1993
Austin 3:16 Uncensored Special Interest WWF Home Video 1998
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Comedy New Line Home Video 1999
Babe Family MCA/Universal 1995
Babe: Pig In The City Family Universal 1998
Bachelor Party Comedy Fox Video 1984
Back To The Beach Comedy Paramount 1987
Backdraft Action MCA/Universal 1991
Bad Lieutenant Drama Live Home Video 1992
BALI Sheer Enchantment Special Interest Springs ????
Balloon Sculpture: Starring Tricky The Clown Special Interest Hampton Ridge Magic Creations 1996
Balloon Time: Starring Big Bob Coleman Special Interest N/A ????
Ballroom Dancing Advanced Special Interest Kultur 1993
Bambi Animation Walt Disney 1942
Basic Cartooning Fun with Bruce Blitz Special Interest Connecticut Public Television 2000
Basket Case Horror Media 1982
Batman Action Warner 1989
Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm Animation Warner Bros. 1993
Batteries Not Included (*batteries not included) Comedy MCA 1987
Baywatch: White Thunder at Glacier Bay Action Trimark 1998
Beaches Drama Touchstone 1988
Beauty and the Beast Animation Disney 1991
Beauty and the Beast Animation Walt Disney 1991
Beavis and Butt-head Do America Animation Paramount 1996
Beavis and Butt-head: Innocence Lost Animation SMV 1997
Beethoven Lives Upstairs Comedy The Children’s Group 1992
Beetlejuice Comedy Warner Bros. 1988
Beginning Electric Bass 1 Special Interest Homespun 1988
Beginning Electric Bass 2 Special Interest Homespun 1988
Beginning Lindy Hop by Paul Overton & Sharon Ashe (PO01) Special Interest Dance Vision USA 1996
Behind The 8-Ball: A Visual Guide to Totally Nude Pool Playing Special Interest Nightcap Entertainment 1997
Being John Malkovitch Comedy Universal 1999
Betrayal Of The Dove Thriller Prism Pictures 1993
Beverly Hills Cop Action Paramount 1984
Beyond The Mind’s Eye Animation BMG 1992
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Comedy Fox Video 1970
Big Comedy Fox Video 1988
Big Bob’s Balloonology II: The New Beginning Special Interest N/A ????
Big Business Comedy Touchstone 1988
Big Trouble Little China Action Fox 1986
Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey Comedy Orion 1991
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure Comedy Nelson Entertainment 1989
Bill Cosby’s PicturePages: “Animals” Family PicturePages 1989
Billy Bathgate Action Touchstone 1991
Bird On A Wire Action MCA/Universal 1990
Black Rain Action Paramount 1989
Blackjack: How To Play And Win Special Interest Tiffany Design 1994
Blacula Horror Metro Goldwyn Meyer 1972
Blade Runner Sci-Fi New Line Home Video 1982
Blame It On The Night Comedy Key Video 1984
Blazing Saddles Comedy WCI 1974
Blood Rage Horror Prism Entertainment 1987
Blow Out Mystery Goodtimes 1981
Blow-Up Drama MGM 1966
Blue Velvet Drama Warner Home Video 1986
Bob Marley: Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers Musc RCA/Columbia 1984
Body Chemistry 2 Thriller New Concorde 1992
Body Double Drama Columbia/Tristar 1984
Born In East L.A. Comedy MCA 1987
Brazil Drama MCA 1985
Breaking All The Rules Comedy New World 1985
Breaking Into Hollywood Special Interest Hollywood Road Pictures 1994
Breaking The Rules Drama HBO Video 1992
Brewster’s Millions Comedy MCA 1985
Bride Of Boogedy Family Walt Disney 1987
Broadcast News Comedy CBS/Fox 1987
Bruce Lee and Kung-Fu Mania Action Goodtimes 1992
Bruce Springsteen – Video Anthology / 1978-88 Music CMV 1989
Bugs vs. Daffy: Battle of the Music Video Stars Animation Warner 1988
Bull Durham Comedy Orion 1988
Cadillac Man Comedy Orion 1990
Cal Pozo’s Learn To Dance In Minutes – The Basic Lessons Special Interest Parade Video 1994
Carlin on Campus Comedy Cablestuff Productions 1984
Casablanca Drama CBS/Fox 1942
Cellar Dweller Horror New World 1988
Chain Of Desire Drama Prism 1992
Chanuka at Bubbe’s Family Monterey Home Video 1993
Charlotte’s Web Animation Paramount 1973
Chess Boxing Matrix Action Xenon 2000
Chicago Musical Miramax 2002
Chicago by ‘L’: Touring the Neighborhoods Special Interest WTTW 2001
Chick Corea Elektric Band: Inside Out Music GRP Video 1990
Child’s Play Horror MGM/UA 1988
Children of a Lesser God Drama Paramount 1986
Chinatown Crime Paramount 1974
Chinese Connection Action CBS/Fox 1972
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown Comedy RCA/Columbia 1989
Christmas Vacation Comedy Warner Bros. 1989
Chronos Documentary BMG 1985
Cinderella Animation Walt Disney 1950
Cindy Crawford: Shape Your Body Workout Special Interest Goodtimes 1992
Cinema Paradiso Drama HBO Video 1988
City Hunter Action Tai Seng 1993
Classic Cereal Commercials from the 50’s & 60’s: Vol. 1 Special Interest Video Resources New York Inc. 1993
Close Encounters of the Third Kind Adventure Goodtimes 1977
Clue Comedy Paramount 1985
Cobra Action Warner 1986
Cocktail Drama Touchstone 1988
Cocktail Drama Touchstone 1988
Code Name: Zebra Action Star Classics 1976
Code Of Silence Action Goodtimes 1985
Color Of Night Thriller Hollywood Pictures 1994
Comfort and Joy Comedy Universal 1984
Commercial Mania Special Interest Rhino 1987
Computer Animation Festival Vol. 1.0 Animation BMG 1993
Computer Animation Magic Animation MPI 1986
Conan The Barbarian Action MCA/Universal 1982
Cop in Blue Jeans Action Interglobal 1976
Cosmos Episode 1: The Shores Of The Cosmic Ocean Special Interest Turner Home Entertainment 1980
Counterforce Action IVE 1988
Country Partner Dancing Special Interest Quality Video 1992
Coyote Summer Adventure Cinar 1996
Crocodile Dundee Comedy Paramount 1986
Crossroads Drama Columbia/Tristar 1986
Cry Baby Comedy MCA/Universal 1990
Cuisinart: How To Use Your Food Processor Special Interest Cuisinart ????
Cujo Horror Republic Pictures 1983
Dances With Wolves Adventure Orion 1990
Dangerous Break (Special Delivery) Comedy/Action MNTEX Entertainment 1976
Dangerous Liaisons Drama Warner 1988
David Bowie – Video 45 Music Sony 1983
Days Of Thunder Action Paramount 1990
Dazzling Dunks and Basketball Bloopers Special Interest CBS/Fox 1989
Dead Again Mystery Paramount 1991
Dead Calm Thriller Warner Bros. 1989
Dead Man Walking Drama Republic Pictures 1987
Dead Poets Society Drama Touchstone 1989
Death Of The Incredible Hulk: The Movie Sci-Fi Rhino 1992
Death Wish 3 Action MGM/UA 1985
Death Wish 4: The Crackdown Action Media/Cannon 1987
Deceived Thriller Touchstone 1991
Deep Purple: Heavy Metal Pioneers Music A Vision Entertainment 1991
Depeche Mode: Some Great Videos Music Warner Reprise 1986
Depeche Mode: Strange Music Warner Reprise / Sire 1988
Desert Commandos Adventure Dura Vision 1967
Desperately Seeking Susan Comedy Orion 1985
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo Comedy Touchstone 1999
Diabolique Drama Warner Bros. 1996
Dick Tracy Action Touchstone 1990
Digital Man Action Republic Pictures 1995
Dire Straights: Alchemy Live Music Polygram Video 1983
Dirty Dancing Drama Vestron 1987
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Comedy Orion 1988
Doc Hollywood Comedy Warner 1991
Don Ho: A Night In Hawaii With Don Ho Music Don Ho Enterprises 1988
Doomsday News: Cutting Edge Metal Music Strand VCI Entertainment 1989
Doomsday News: More Cutting Edge Metal Music Strand VCI Entertainment 1990
Down and Out in Beverly Hills Comedy Touchstone 1986
Dr. Giggles Horror MCA/Universal 1992
Dr. Strangelove Comedy Columbia/Tristar 1963
Dr. Who & The Daleks Sci Fi Thorn/EMI HBO 1965
Dressed To Kill Mystery Goodtimes 1980
DuckTales The Movie: Treasure Of The Lost Lamp Animation Walt Disney 1990
Duel Of The Iron Fist Action Videoline 1971
Dumbo Animation Walt Disney 1941
Dune Sci-Fi MCA/Universal 1984
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Adventure MCA 1982
Eagles: Hell Freezes Over Music Geffen 1994
Easy Money Comedy Goodtimes 1983
Eddie and the Cruisers Drama MGM 1983
Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives Drama Avid Home Entertainment 1989
Eddie Izzard: Glorious Comedy Universal 1997
Eddie Murphy: Delirious Comedy Paramount 1983
Elayne Boosler: Party Of One Comedy Vestron Video 1985
Eleni Drama Embassy 1985
Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark Comedy New World Video 1988
Elvira: Roger Corman’s A Bucket Of Blood and I Eat Your Skin Horror Rhino 1994
Enter The Dragon Action Warner Home Video 1973
Ernest Scared Stupid Comedy Touchstone 1991
Escape From New York Action Embassy 1981
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex * But Were Afraid To Ask Comedy Key Video 1972
Evilspeak Horror CBS/Fox 1981
Excalibur Adventure Warner 1981
eXistenZ Sci-Fi Dimension 1999
Exit To Eden Thriller HBO/Savoy 1994
Exterminators Of The Year 3000 Sci-Fi Thorn/EMI 1983
F/X Action HBO 1986
F/X2 Action Orion 1991
Fa’a Samoa: The Samoan Way Special Interest Polynesian Cultural Center 1997
Face Aerobics Special Interest N/A 1994
Fantasia Animated Walt Disney 1940
Fantasia 2000 Animation Walt Disney 1999
Fargo Drama Polygram 1996
Fast Times At Ridgemont High Comedy MCA 1982
Fatal Attraction Drama Paramount 1988
Fearless Hyena Vol. 1 & 2 Action Simitar 1979
Fellini Satyricon Drama MGM/UA 1969
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Comedy Paramount 1986
Field Of Dreams Drama MCA/Universal 1989
Final Analysis Drama Warner Bros. 1992
Finding Nemo Animation Walt Disney 2003
Firefox Action Warner 1982
Firewalker Action Media 1986
First Blood Action Artisan 1982
Fists Of Fury Action CBS/Fox 1971
Five Venoms (Five Deadly Venoms) Action Shaw Scope 1978
Flashdance Drama Paramount 1983
Flatliners Drama Columbia/Tristar 1990
Fletch Comedy MCA/Universal 1985
Flowers in the Attic Thriller Starmaker 1987
Forever Evil Horror VCI Home Video 1987
Forrest Gump Drama Paramount 1994
Foxy Brown Action Metro Goldwyn Meyer 1974
Fractals: The Colors Of Infinity Special Interest Newbridge Communications 1997
Frankenhooker Comedy Shapiro Glickenhaus 1990
Frankenstein Unbound Horror CBS/Fox 1990
Frankenstein: The Restored Version Horror MCA 1931
Freaky Friday Comedy Walt Disney 1976
Friday The 13th Horror Paramount 1980
From Beyond Horror Vestron Video 1986
From Beyond: Ghosts, Poltergeists, Demons and Spirits Special Interest Simitar 1995
FuncoLand: Put Yourself In The Game Training Video N/A 1998
Fundamental Of Timing by Chris Morris (TCM08) Special Interest Dance Vision USA 1993
Funny Lady Musical RCA/Columbia Pictures 1974
Galaxian Adventure Rhino 1980
Game Of Death Action CBS/Fox 1978
Gas Food Lodging Drama Columbia/Tristar 1992
Gemstones Of America Special Interest Creative Vision 1991
Genesis: A History Music Polygram 1990
George Carlin: George’s Best Stuff Comedy Cablestuff Productions 1996
George Lynch Special Interest REH 1990
Get Crazy Comedy Embassy 1983
Getting There Comedy Warner Bros. / Dualstar Video 2002
Ghandi Drama RCA/Columbia Pictures 1983
Ghetto Blaster Action Prism 1989
Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai Action Artisan 1999
Ghostbusters Comedy RCA/Columbia Pictures 1984
Gilad: The New Best Of Bodies In Motion Special Interest Maier Grou 1991
Ginger Action Monterey 1971
Girlfriend From Hell Comedy IVE 1989
Girls Can’t Swim Comedy Wellspring 2000
Girls Gone Wild: Ultimate Spring Break Volume 3 Special Interest Mantra 2002
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Comedy New World Video 1985
Give My Regards To Broad Street Drama Fox 1984
Gleaming The Cube Action Vestron 1989
Glory Drama RCA/Columbia Pictures 1989
Golub – a film on art, politics, and the media Special Interest Facets Video 1988
Good Guys Wear Black Action Video Treasures 1978
Good Morning, Vietnam Comedy Touchstone 1987
Good Will Hunting Drama Miramax 1997
Goosebumps: A Night In Terror Tower Family 20th Century Fox 1996
Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask Family 20th Century Fox 1996
Gorky Park Drama Vestron 1983
Grateful Dead: Downhill From Here Music Monterey Home Video 1989
Graveyard Shift Horror Video Treasures 1990
Greatest Fights Of Kung Fu Special Interest Video Treasures 1989
Groundhog Day Comedy Columbia/Tristar 1993
Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion II: World Tour – 1992 In Tokyo Music Geffen 1992
Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers Horror CBS/Fox 1989
Hamlet Drama Warner 1990
Hang ‘Em High Western MGM/UA 1968
Happily Ever After Animation Worldvision 1988
Happy Gilmore Comedy MCA/Universal 1996
Hard ’n Heavy: Vol. 5 Music MPI 1989
Harlem Globetrotters: 6 Decades of Magic Documentary Starmaker 1988
Harold and Maude Comedy Paramount 1971
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Adventure Warner Home Video 2001
Heat Action Warner Bros. 1995
Heathers Comedy Anchor Bay 1988
Heavenly Bodies Drama Key Video 1984
Heavy Metal Animation Columbia/Tristar 1981
Hell Hunters Action New Star Video 1986
Hellbound: Hellraiser II Horror New World Video 1988
Hellhole Action RCA/Columbia Pictures 1985
Hellraiser Horror New World Video 1987
Highlander: Series 1 Television Davis/Panzer 1995
Hilarious Sports Bloopers Too! Special Interest Front Row Video 1990
Hiroshima, Mon Amour Drama Embassy 1959
Holiday in the Sun Comedy Warner Bros. / Dualstar Video 2001
Hollow Man Sci-Fi Columbia Pictures 2000
Hollywood Hot Tubs 2 Comedy International Video Entertainment       1990
Hollywood Sex Symbols Special Interest Front Row Video 1988
Home Alone Family Fox 1990
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids Adventure Walt Disney 1989
Horse Racing I: Basic Course by John Patrick & Rick Lang Special Interest Triangle 1989
House Horror New World Video 1986
How I Got Into College Comedy CBS/Fox 1989
How To Beat The High Cost Of Living Comedy Vestron 1980
Howard The Duck Action MCA/Universal 1986
Hulk Hogan’s Rock N’ Wrestling: Ghost Wrestlers Animation Dic 1985
Imagine: John Lennon Music Capital 1988
Imagine: John Lennon – The Definitive Film Portrait Documentary Warner Home Video 1988
Imprisoned Women (Cage Without a Key) Drama MCM Entertainment 1975
InnerSpace Adventure Warner Home Video 1987
INXS: Greatest Video Hits 1980-1990 Music A Vision Entertainment 1990
It Horror Warner Bros. 1990
It’s A Wonderful Life Drama Republic Pictures 1946
Jackson & Perkins: Roses For Every Garden Special Interest Jackson&Perkins 1995
Jade Action Paramount 1995
James Bond 007: The Living Daylights Action CBS/Fox 1987
James Dean: The First American Teenager Documentary VidAmerica 1975
Jane Fonda’s Workout: Low Impact Aerobic Special Interest KLV-TV 1986
Jane Fonda’s Workout: Lean Routine Special Interest Warner 1990
Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation Music A&M 1991
Jaws Adventure Universal 1975
Jaws 2 Horror MCA 1978
Jem: Glitter ’N Gold Animation F.H.E. 1987
Jerry Maguire Comedy Columbia/Tristar 1996
Jimi Hendrix Concert Music Meda 1978
Johnny Carson: His Favorite Moments ‘80s & ‘90s Special Interest Buena Vista 1994
Johnny Dangerously Comedy Fox 1984
Johnny Mnemonic Action Tri Star 1995
Jurassic Park Adventure MCA/Universal 1993
Just Like Dad Comedy Cinar 1995
Kathy Smith’s Body Basics Special Interest JCI 1985
Ken Cohen: Qigong Special Interest Sounds True Video 1996
Killing Zoe Drama Live Entertainment 1993
Kindergarten Cop Comedy MCA/Universal 1990
King Ralph Comedy MCA/Universal 1991
Kingpin Comedy MGM/UA 1996
Kiss The Girls Crime Paramount 1997
Knock Off Action Tri Star 1998
Knute Rockne- All American Drama MGM/UA 1940
L.L. Cool J: Future Of The Funk Music SMV 1991
La Bohéme (The Metropolitan Opera Presents) Music Bel Canto 1982
Labyrinth Adventure Columbia/Tristar 1986
Ladyhawke Adventure Warner Bros. 1985
Ladykillers Thriller ABC 1988
Laser Mission Action Platinum Disc Corporation 1989
Lassie Family Paramount 1994
Laura McKenzie’s Travel Tips – London Special Interest Republic Pictures 1985
Lawrence Of Arabia Drama RCA/Columbia Pictures 1962
Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains The Same Music Warner 1976
Legal Eagles Comedy MCA 1986
Legend Fantasy MCA 1986
Les Misérables: The Dream Cast In Concert Musical Columbia/Tristar 1995
Leslie Nielsen’s Bad Golf Made Easier Special Interest ABC Video 1993
Liar Liar Comedy Universal 1997
Life With Mickey! Animation Walt Disney 1985
Lionel Richie – All Night Long Music RCA/Columbia 1984
Lionel Richie – The Making Of Dancing On The Ceiling Music KLV-TV 1986
Little Shop Of Horrors Comedy Warner 1986
Live Nude Girls Comedy Republic Pictures 1995
Lolita Drama Third Row Center 1997
Lone Wolf McQuade Action Vestron Video 1983
Look Who’s Talking Comedy RCA/Columbia Pictures 1989
Lord Of The Flies Adventure Nelson Entertainment 1990
Love And Rockets – The Haunted Fish Tank Music BMG 1989
Lovers and Liars Comedy Front Row Entertainment 1979
M.C. Hammer: Hammer Time! Music Capitol 1990
Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome Action Warner Bros. 1985
Madhouse Comedy Orion 1990
Madonna: Justify My Love Music Warner Reprise / Sire 1990
Maid To Order Comedy IVE 1987
Major League Comedy Paramount 1989
Making Michael Jackson’s Thriller Music Optimum Productions 1983
Malone Action Orion 1987
Married To The Mob Comedy Orion 1988
Mars Attacks! Sci-Fi Warner Bros. 1996
Martin Lawrence: You So Crazy Comedy HBO 1994
Mary Stouffer’s Wild America: Wild Babies Special Interest KWD 1993
Mask Drama MCA 1985
Masked Rider: Escape From Edenoi Sci-Fi Saban 1995
Master Killer Action Forum Home Video 1978
Mastering Wing Chun Mok-Yan-Jong Wooden Dummy Special Interest Panther Productions ????
Masters Of The Universe: A Golden Book Video Family Golden Book 1985
Maximum Overdrive Horror Video Treasures 1986
Maximum Risk Action Columbia/Tristar 1996
Meatballs III: Summer Job Comedy Avid 1986
Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening Vol. 1: All the Basics Special Interest Bartholomew Productions 1985
Men In Black Comedy Columbia Pictures 1997
Merchants Of Menace Special Interest NFL Films Video 1989
Merlin and the Dragons Animation Lightyear 1991
MetalHead Video Magazine: Vol. VI Music BMG 1991
Metallica: Cliff ‘Em All Music Elektra Entertainment 1987
Metallica: Cunning Stunts Music Elektra 1998
Metropolitan Comedy New Line 1990
Miami Vice Action MCA/Universal 1984
Michael Jackson Moonwalker Music CMV Entertainment 1988
Michael Jackson: Video Greatest Hits – History Music Epic Music Video 1995
Michael Jordan: Above & Beyond Special Interest CBS/Fox 1996
Michael Jordan’s Playground Special Interest NBA Video 1990
Michael Manring: Bass Essentials Special Interest Hot Licks 1996
Mickey Knows Best Animation Disney 1986
Midnight Cowboy Drama MGM/UA 1969
Midnight Run Action MCA 1988
Mike Portnoy Liquid Drum Theater Special Interest Hudson Music 1999
Mike Tyson’s Greatest Hits Special Interest HBO Video 1988
Missing In Action Action MGM/UA 1984
Modern Romance Comedy Columbia Pictures 1981
Modern Times Comedy CBS/Fox 1936
Monster In The Closet Comedy Lorimar 1986
Monty Python and the Holy Grail Comedy Columbia/Tristar 1975
Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life Comedy MCA/Universal 1983
Monty Python’s The Meaning Of Life Comedy MCA/Universal 1983
Moon Over Parador Comedy MCA 1989
Moonlighting Comedy Warner 1985
Mortal Kombat: The Animated Video Animation New Line 1995
Motley Crue: Decade Of Decadence ’81-‘91 Music Elektra 1991
Mr. Boogedy Family Walt Disney 1986
Mr. Destiny Comedy Touchstone 1990
MTV: Club MTV Party To Go Volume 1 Music Tommy Boy 1991
MTV: Party To Go Volume 2 Music Tommy Boy 1992
Munchies Comedy MCA/UA 1987
Murder In Space Mystery VidMark 1985
Mutant Hunt Sci-Fi Wizard 1987
My Demon Lover Comedy RCA/Columbia Pictures 1987
My Science Project Action Touchstone 1985
My So-Called Life (Ep. 1-6) Television BMG 1994
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Cave Dwellers Comedy Rhino 1991
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die Comedy Rhino 1991
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie Sci-Fi MCA/Universal 1996
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Comedy Paramount 1994
National Geographic Video: Rocky Mountain Beaver Pond Documentary Vestron Video 1987
National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 Comedy New Line Home Video 1993
National Lampoon’s Vacation Comedy Warner 1983
New Kids On The Block: Hangin’ Tough Live Music CMV 1989
Night Hawks Action MCA 1981
Night Of The Creeps Horror HBO/Cannon 1986
Night Of The Living Dead Horror The Congress Video Group 1968
Nightbreed Horror Media 1990
Ninja Scroll (Jubei Ninpucho) Animation Manga 1993
Nirvana: Live! Tonight! Sold Out! Music DGC/Geffen 1994
Nirvana: Unplugged – Complete From Original Master (Unedited) Music N/A 1993
North By Northwest Action MGM/UA 1959
Nothing But Trouble Comedy Warner Bros. 1991
Notorious Drama Key Video 1946
Nova: The Miracle Of Life Special Interest Crown Video 1986
Of Sound Mind and Body Special Interest Lumina Productions 1992
Oliver & Company Animation Walt Disney 1988
Operation Terrorist Acttion Hurricane Pictures 1991
Orgy Of The Dead Horror Rhino 1965
Out For Justice Action Warner 1991
Out On Bail Action Trans World Entertainment 1989
Overboard Comedy MGM/UA 1987
Ozzy Osbourne: Don’t Blame Me Music SMV 1991
Paris, Texas Drama CBS/Fox 1984
Patch Adams Comedy Universal 1998
Paul McCartney: Paul is Live in Concert on the New World Tour Music Polygram 1993
Peace Tapes Music MPI 1991
Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure Comedy Warner Bros. 1985
Pee-Wee’s Playhouse: Ice Cream Soup Volume 1 Family Hi-Tops Video 1988
Performance Drama Warner 1970
Persona Drama Hen’s Tooth Video 1966
Personal Service Comedy Vestron Video 1987
Peter Pan Animation Walt Disney 1953
Phantom Of The Opera Horror RCA/Columbia Pictures 1989
Phil Collins: Seriously Live Music Atlantic Vision Entertainment 1990
Picture Music Music Vestron 1983
Pink Cadillac Comedy Warner 1989
Pink Floyd – Live at Pompeii Music Polygram 1972
Pink Floyd – Pulse Music CMV 1995
Pink Motel Comedy Thorn/EMI 1982
Pinocchio Animation Walt Disney 1940
Planes, Trains and Automobiles Comedy Paramount 1987
Planets Of The Sun: Featuring Leonardy Nimoy Special Interest Trans-Atlantic 1988
Platoon Action HBO Video 1986
Playboy’s Art Of Sensual Massage Special Interest KLV-TV 1986
Pocahontas Animation Walt Disney 1995
Poltergeist II Horror MGM/UA 1986
Poltergeist III Horror MGM/UA 1988
Pooh’s Grand Adventures: The Search For Christopher Robin Animation Disney 1997
Power Play Drama World Wide Pictures 1994
Predator Action CBS/Fox 1987
Pretty In Pink Comedy Paramount 1986
Pretty Woman Comedy Touchstone 1990
Prince – Purple Rain Music Warner Home Video 1984
Psychomania Horror Goodtimes 1973
Queen – Classic Music Hollywood Music Video 1992
Queen: We Will Rock You Music Strand Home Video 1992
Rad Drama Embassy 1986
Raging Bull Drama MGM/UA 1980
Raiders Of The Lost Ark Adventure Paramount 1981
Raising Arizona Comedy CBS/Fox 1987
Rambling Rose Drama Carolco 1991
Ready To Wear Comedy Miramax 1994
Rebecca Mystery Key Video 1940
Reborn From Hell: Samurai Armageddon Action Tokyo Shock 1999
Recording The Producers: A Musical Romp With Mel Brooks Musical Sony Classical 2001
Reefer Madness Documentary Goodtimes 1936
Remembering Chicago Special Interest WTTW 1994
Remote Control Comedy Avid Home Entertainment 1988
Return Of The Dragon Action CBS/Fox 1972
Return Of The Killer Tomatoes: The Sequel Comedy New World Video 1988
Richard Pryor, Here And Now Comedy Columbia/Tristar 1983
Richard Simmons: Sweatin’ to the Oldies Special Interest Warner 1988
Rigoletto Family Feature Films For Families 1993
Road House Action MGM/UA 1989
Robin Hood Animation Walt Disney 1973
RoboCop Action Orion 1987
RoboCop 2 Action Orion 1990
Robocop 3 Action Orion 1993
Robot Holocaust Sci-Fi Wizard 1986
Rock Video Monthly: September 1995 Music Warner Music Enterprises 1995
Rocky Drama MGM/UA 1976
Rocky Drama MGM/UA 1976
Rocky II Drama MGM/UA 1979
Rocky III Drama MGM/UA 1983
Rocky IV Drama MGM/UA 1985
Rocky V Drama MGM/UA 1990
RODS – The Smoking Gun Evidence! Special Interest Jose Escamilla 1998
Roger & Me Documentary Warner Home Video 1989
Romancing The Stone Action Fox 1984
Romeo Is Bleeding Crime Polygram 1993
Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion Comedy Touchstone 1997
Rosemary’s Baby Horror Paramount 1968
Rude Awakening Comedy HBO 1989
Rumble In The Bronx Action New Line 1995
Running Scared Action MGM/UA 1986
Running Wild (Born Wild) Drama A-Pix Entertainment 1994
Rushmore Comedy Touchstone 1998
Ruthless People Comedy Touchstone 1986
Sade: Diamond Life Video Music CBS/Fox 1985
Sam Kinison: Banned Comedy Giant 1990
Saturday Night Fever Drama Paramount 1977
Saturday The 14th Strikes Back Comedy MGM/UA 1988
Say Anything… Comedy Fox 1989
Sayonara Drama Key Video 1957
Scenes From A Mall Comedy Touchstone 1991
Schoolhouse Rock! – Grammar Rock Family ABC Kidavision/Golden Book 1987
Scrapbook Instruction Video Special Interest Make A Memory 1998
Scrooged Comedy Paramount 1988
Searching For Bobby Fischer Drama Paramount 1993
Seven (Se7en) Thriller New Line 1995
Seven Samurai Drama Home Vision Cinema 1954
Shallow Grave Crime Polygram 1994
Shampoo Drama Goodtimes 1975
She-Devil Comedy Orion 1989
Shinbone Alley Animated Simitar 1975
Shogun Assassin Action SGS 1980
Short Circuit Comedy CBS/Fox 1986
Short Fuse (Good To Go) Drama Vidmark 1986
Sid & Nancy Drama Embassy 1986
Sing Along Video Karaoke: Volume 813 Special Interest VideoKaraoke 1991
Singin’ In The Rain Musical MGM/UA 1952
Singin’s In The Rain Musical MGM/UA 1951
Single White Female Thriller Columbia Pictures 1992
Sixteen Candles Comedy MCA/Universal 1984
Ski Patrol Comedy RCA/Columbia Pictures 1990
Skin Deep Comedy Video Treasures 1990
Slithis Horror Media 1978
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Animation Walt Disney 1937
So Little Time: Volume 2 – “Boy Crazy” Comedy Warner Bros. / Dualstar Video 2002
Some Like It Hot Comedy CBS/Fox 1959
Something Wild Comedy Orion/HBO 1986
Sometimes They Come Back Horror Vidmark 1991
Songwriter Drama Goodtimes 1984
Sonic Youth in 1991: The Year Punk Broke Music DGC/Geffen 1991
Space Jam Animation Warner Bros. 1996
Stakeout Action Touchstone 1987
Stalking Danger Drama Vidmark 1989
Stand and Deliver Drama Warner Home Video 1988
Star Licks Master Series: Jimi Hendrix Special Interest Star Licks 1991
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan Adventure Paramount 1982
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan Adventure Paramount 1982
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan Adventure Paramount 1982
Star Trek III: The Search For Spock Adventure Paramount 1984
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Adventure Paramount 1986
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Adventure Paramount 1989
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Adventure Paramount 1979
Star Trek: The Next Generation – “The Mind’s Eye / In Theory” Television Paramount 1991
Starlight Dance Studio Presents: Let’s Swing Special Interest Simitar 1997
Stay Tuned Comedy Warner 1992
Steel Magnolias Drama RCA/Columbia Pictures 1989
Stevie Ray Vaughn Music SMV 1991
Straight Talk Comedy Hollywood Pictures 1992
Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Animation Renegade/SMV 1994
Strip Search Action A-Pix 1992
Stripes Comedy RCA/Columbia 1981
Styx: Caught In the Act Live Music A&M 1984
Super Craps: Advanced Course II by John Patrick Special Interest John Patrick Productions 1988
Superman II Action Warner Home Video 1980
Superman III Action Warner Home Video 1983
Superman: The Movie Action Warner Bros. 1978
Surviving Desire Comedy Fox Lorber 1993
Sweet Dreams Drama HBO Video 1985
Swingers Comedy Miramax 1996
Table Tennis: The Sport with Scott Preiss Special Interest Escalade Sports 1991
Taking Care Of Business Comedy Hollywood Pictures 1990
Tale Of A Vampire Horror Vidmark 1992
Tales From The Crypt: Forever Ambergris, The Trap & Beauty Rest Television HBO 1993
Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense Music Palv Pictures 1984
Tampopo Comedy Republic Pictures 1985
Tank Girl Action MGM/UA 1995
Taxi Driver Crime Goodtimes 1976
Taxi Driver Crime Columbia Pictures 1976
Technifunk 2000 Special Interest Metro Fitness 1991
Teen Wolf Comedy KVC Home Video 1985
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action F.H.E. 1990
Temptation Tours: Hana & Beyond (Maui, Hawaii) Special Interest Independent 1994
Terms of Endearment Comedy Paramount 1983
Tesla – Five Man Video Band Music Geffen 1991
Tetsuo II: Body Hammer Sci-Fi Manga Live 1991
Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation Horror Columbia/Tristar 1994
The ‘Burbs Comedy MCA 1989
The Abyss Adventure CBS/Fox 1989
The Accused Drama Paramount 1988
The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen Action RCA/Columbia 1989
The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Treasure Of The Peacock’s Eye Action Paramount 1995
The Amateur Thriller Interglobal 1981
The Amazing Dobermans Family Media 1976
The Amityville Curse Horror Starmaker 1989
The Art Of Fingerstyle Guitar Special Interest Vestapol Productions 1994
The Art Of Singing: Golden Voices Of The Century Music NVC Arts 1996
The Art Of Taoist Tai Chi Special Interest The Taoist Tai Chi Society 1990
The Babysitters Club: Stacey’s Big Break Family Kid Vision 1990
The Basics of Muzzleloading Special Interest Q-1 Video Network 2000
The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas Comedy MCA/Universal 1982
The Best Of John Belushi Comedy Warner 1985
The Best Of Times Comedy Embassy 1986
The Big Chill Comedy RCA/Columbia Pictures 1983
The Big Comfy Couch: I Keep My Promises Family Time Life Kids 1995
The Big Easy Drama HBO Video 1986
The Big Lebowski Comedy Polygram 1998
The Big Sleep Crime MGM/UA 1946
The Blues Brothers Comedy MCA 1980
The Boy Who Could Fly Drama Lorimar 1986
The Brave Little Toaster Animation Disney 1987
The Breakfast Club Comedy MCA/Universal 1985
The Cat From Outer Space Comedy Disney 1978
The Color Of Money Drama Touchstone 1986
The Color Purple Drama Warner Home Video 1985
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover Drama Vidmark 1989
The Cotton Club Crime Embassy 1984
The Crew Crime Touchstone 2000
The Crush Drama Warner Home Video 1993
The Crying Game Crime Live Home Video 1992
The Cure – Staring At The Sea • The Images Music Elektra Entertainment 1986
The Dark Crystal Animation HBO 1982
The Deer Hunter Drama MCA/Universal 1978
The Delta Force Action Video Treasures 1986
The Devil’s Rain Horror Video Treasures 1975
The Dirt Bike Kid Family Charter Entertainment 1985
The Doors Drama Avid Home Entertainment 1991
The Elephant Man Drama Paramount 1980
The Evil Dead Horror Thorn/EMI 1981
The Evolving Soul: Soul Part 2 Special Interest Advent 1993
The Favor The Watch And The Very Big Fish Comedy Vidmark 1991
The Fly Horror CBS/Fox 1986
The Fourth Protocol Action Lorimar 1987
The Fox and the Hound Animation Walt Disney 1981
The Frisco Kid Western Warner Home Video 1979
The Fugitive Action Warner 1993
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie Comedy Paramount 1987
The Gate To The Mind’s Eye Animation BMG 1994
The Gates Of Hell (City Of The Living Dead) Horror Creature Features 1980
The Girl Can’t Help It Comedy Key Video 1956
The Godfather Drama Paramount 1972
The Gold Rush Comedy Front Row Entertainment 1925
The Golden Child Action Paramount 1986
The Goofy World Of Sports Animation Disney 1992
The Grateful Dead Movie Music Monterey Home Video 1977
The Great Mouse Detective Animation Walt Disney 1986
The Great Outdoors Comedy MCA 1988
The Great Pyramids Special Interest A&E 1996
The Guitar of Brian Setzer Special Interest Hot Licks 1992
The History Of Rock N’ Roll Vol. 10: Up From The Underground Documentary Warner 1995
The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy Comedy CBS/Fox 1981
The Homes Of Frank Lloyd Wright Special Interest A&E 1996
The Hudsucker Proxy Comedy Warner Bros. 1994
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Animation Walt Disney 1996
The Hustler Drama Key Video 1961
The Jazz Singer Drama Paramount 1980
The Jerk Comedy MCA/Universal 1979
The Jewel Of The Nile Action Fox Video 1985
The Killer Action Fox Lorber 1989
The King Of Comedy Comedy RCA/Columbia Pictures 1982
The Land Before Time Animation MCA/Universal 1988
The Last Dragon Action CBS/Fox 1985
The Last Emperor Drama Nelson Entertainment 1987
The Last Race Action Test Drive Video 2002
The Last Starfighter Adventure MCA/Universal 1984
The Last Unicorn Animated F.H.E. 1982
The Late Great Planet Earth Special Interest VCI 1976
The Lazeris Material – Awakening & Working with Crystals Special Interest NPN Publishing 1999
The Lion King Animation Walt Disney 1994
The Little Mermaid Animation Walt Disney 1989
The Lord Of The Rings Animation Warner Bros. 1978
The Maltese Falcon Crime MGM/UA 1941
The Maltese Falcon Drama MGM/UA 1941
The Manhattan Project Sci-Fi HBO 1986
The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh Animation Walt Disney 1977
The Mean Season Thriller HBO 1985
The Memphis Belle Documentary International Historic Films 1944
The Merry Widow Musical Public Media Home Vision 1988
The Money Pit Comedy MCA/Universal 1986
The Monkees: Contains 2 Episodes Television Rhino 1966
The Morning After Crime KLV-TV 1986
The Mystery of the Crop Circles Special Interest Clip-Film 1991
The N.M.A.C. World Finals Special Interest Simitar 1993
The Name Of The Rose Mystery Embassy 1986
The Nightmare Before Christmas Animation Touchstone 1993
The Nutcracker Special Interest MGM/UA 1977
The Philadelphia Experiment Adventure Thorn/EMI 1984
The Piano Drama Live Home Video 1993
The Pied Piper Of Hamelin Family Playhouse Video 1982
The Player Comedy New Line Home Video 1992
The Princess Bride Adventure Nelson 1987
The Producers Musical Embassy 1967
The Professional: Golgo 13 Animation Orion 1983
The Red Balloon Family Nelson Entertainment 1956
The Rescuers Animation Walt Disney 1977
The Rescuers Down Under Animation Walt Disney 1990
The Rites Of Dracula Horror Gemstone Entertainment 1973
The Road To Wellville Comedy Columbia Pictures 1994
The Rocky Horror Picture Show Musical CBS/Fox 1975
The Royal Tenenbaums Comedy Touchstone 2001
The Rules Of Attraction Comedy Lions Gate 2002
The Seduction Thriller Video Adventures 1982
The Seven Year Itch Comedy Fox Video 1955
The Shawshank Redemption Drama Columbia/Tristar 1994
The Silence Of The Lambs Thriller Orion 1990
The Silence Of The Lambs Thriller Orion 1991
The Smashing Pumpkins: 1991-2000 Greatest Hits Video Collection Music Virgin 2001
The Stones In The Park Music Video Warehouse 1988
The Super Bowl Shuffle Music MPI 1985
The Super Mario Bros. Show: Mario’s Magic Carpet Family Dic 1989
The Super Mario Bros. Show: The Great Gladiator Gig Family Dic 1989
The Sword in the Stone Animation Walt Disney 1963
The Terminator Collection (The Terminator & Terminator 2: Judgement Day) Action Live Entertainment 1995
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Horror Video Treasures 1974
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2 Horror Video Treasures 1986
The Underwater Adventure Special Interest AquaWorld 2000
The Velveteen Rabin Animation Random House 1984
The Way We Were Drama RCA/Columbia 1973
The Who’s Tommy – The Amazing Journey Music Buena Vista 1993
The Willows in Winter Animation Goodtimes 1996
The Wings Of The Dove Drama Miramax 1997
The Witches Fantasy Warner 1990
The Witches Of Eastwick Comedy Warner Home Video 1987
The Wiz Adventure MCA/Universal 1978
The Wizard Of Oz Animation MGM/UA 1939
They Live Action MCA 1988
Thich Nhat Hanh – Door Of Compassion Special Interest Mystic Fire Video 1997
Thich Nhat Hanh – The Mind of Transformation Special Interest Mystic Fire Video 2000
Thief Of Hearts Drama Paramount 1984
Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould Drama Columbia/Tristar 1993
This Is Spinal Tap Comedy Embassy 1984
Three Amigos Comedy HBO Video 1986
Throw Momma From The Train Comedy Orion 1987
Thumbelina Animation Warner Bros. 1994
Thunder In Paradise Adventure Thunder In Paradise 1993
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! Comedy Miramax/RCA/Columbia Pictures 1990
Time Bandits Adventure Paramount 1981
Time Warp (Journey to the Center of Time) Sci-Fi American Video 1967
Tina Turner: Private Dancer – Video 45 Music Sony 1984
To Live and Die in L.A. Action Video Treasures 1985
Today’s Northwestern Pacific Special Interest Pentrex 1993
Tombstone Action Hollywood Pictures 1993
Tony Hawk’s Trick Tips: Volume 1 Special Interest Redline Entertainment 2000
Top Dog Action Live Entertainment 1995
Top Gun Action Paramount 1986
Torture Garden Horror RCA/Columbia 1967
Tosca (The Metropolitan Opera Presents) Music Bel Canto 1985
Toy Story Animation Walt Disney 1995
Trainspotting Drama Miramax 1996
Treasure Of Sierra Madre Action Key Video 1948
Triumph of the Nerds: An Irreverent History of the PC Industry Special Interest Ambrose Video 1996
Trumpet Video Visits: Mem Fox Family The Trumpet Club 1992
Trumpet Video Visits: Steven Kellogg Family The Trumpet Club 1993
Turner & Hooch Comedy Touchstone 1989
Twin Peaks Drama Warner 1990
Twin Peaks Drama Warner 1990
Twin Peaks Television Worldvision 1993
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Thriller New Line 1992
U2: Rattle And Hum Music Paramount 1988
U2: The Joshua Tree – Classic Albums Music Rhino 2000
UFO Files Coverup Special Interest Simitar Entertainment 1996
Ultraman 80: Volume 1 Sci-Fi Bootleg 1980
Ultraman 80: Volume 2 Sci-Fi Bootleg 1980
Ultraman 80: Volume 3 Sci-Fi Bootleg 1980
Ultraman: Towards The Future Sci-Fi Ultra Action Video 1993
Uncle Buck Comedy MCA 1989
Under The Gun Action Magnum Entertainment 1989
Unforgiven Western Warner 1992
Unlawful Entry Crime Fox Video 1992
Untamed Heart Drama MGM/UA 1993
Up In Smoke Comedy Paramount 1978
Valley Girl Comedy Vestron 1983
Vampire Hunter D Animation Urban Vision 1985
Vampires Special Interest Simitar Entertainment 1994
Van Halen: Video Hits Volume I Music Warner Reprise 1996
Ventriloquism Made Easy with David Mitchell Special Interest N/A ????
Vertigo Mystery MCA/Universal 1958
Video Hypnosis: Incredible Self-Confidence Special Interest Valley Of The Sun Video 1987
Video Poker Strategies Special Interest Tiffany Design 1995
VIEW VIDEO BOX SET – Bolshoi Ballet: Les Sylphides Special Interest View Video 1989
VIEW VIDEO BOX SET – Kirov Ballet: Classic Ballet Night Special Interest View Video 1989
VIEW VIDEO BOX SET – The Paris Opera Ballet: Seven Ballets Special Interest View Video 1989
Violets Are Blue Drama RCA/Columbia 1986
Vocal Awareness Special Interest Sounds True Video 1999
Voodoo Academy Horror Full Moon 2000
Wagner In Bayreuth Music Philips 1985
Wall Street Drama CBS/Fox 1987
War Of The Gargantuas Action Paramount 1966
Warriors of the Wind Animated Starmaker 1984
Watching The Whales Special Interest Marine Mammal Fund 1985
Watching Warblers – Michael Male and Judy Fieth Special Interest Blue Earth Films 1996
We Are The World: The Video Event Documentary RCA/Columbia Pictures 1985
Welcome To My Garden: A Lesson in Traditional Hawaiian Quilting Techniques Special Interest N/A ????
West Side Story Musical CBS/Fox 1961
What About Bob? Comedy Touchstone 1991
When Harry Met Sally… Comedy Nelson Entertainment 1989
When The Wind Blows Animated IVE 1986
White Men Can’t Jump Comedy Fox 1992
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Comedy Touchstone 1988
Wild At Heart Comedy Media/Video Treasures 1992
Will Vinton’s Claymation Easter Animation F.H.E. 1992
Willow Adventure RCA/Columbia Pictures 1988
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Family Warner 1971
Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree Animation Walt Disney 1966
Witchouse II: Blood Coven Horror Full Moon 2000
WMAC Masters: Ninja Challenge – Quest For The Dragon Star Special Interest Anchor Bay 1996
Woodstock Documentary Warner Bros. 1970
Working Girl Comedy CBS/Fox 1988
World Champions! The Story of the 1985 Chicago Bears Special Interest NFL Films Video 1986
WWF Best Of Superstars Special Interest WWF 1992
X-Men Action 20th Century Fox 2000
X-Men: Captive Hearts Animation Marvel Comics 1993
X-Men: Night Of The Sentinels Animation Marvel Comics 1992
Xanadu Fantasy MCA 1980
Yngwie Malmsteen: Young Guitar – The 1st Movement [THE BASICS] Special Interest Warner Bros. 1995
Yngwie Malmsteen: Young Guitar – The 2nd Movement [ARPEGGIO] Special Interest Warner Bros. 1995
Yngwie Malmsteen: Young Guitar – The 3rd Movement [CLASSICAL STYLING]      Special Interest Warner Bros. 1995
You Can Play Guitar 2: Strumming and Picking Techniques Special Interest Homespun 1987
You Can Play Guitar 3: Understanding The Guitar Special Interest Homespun 1987
You Only Live Twice Action CBS/Fox 1967
You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Greatest Parties Comedy Dualstar Video 2000
You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s School Dance Party Comedy Dualstar Video 2000
Young Guns Action Vestron Video 1988
Young Sherlock Holmes Action Paramount 1985
Zorro Action Front Row Entertainment 1975
Zulu Drama Charter Entertainment 1964
Zulu Dawn Adventure Video Treasures 1979

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