The Dissemination of Night Drive Turbo

Two years ago today I released my first synthwave track on SoundCloud, Night Drive Turbo. After following many influential synthwave artists for years before this, I finally decided it was time to compose and produce my own music in this style. So I did just that as a little test. A test to first see
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Dangerous Love

RAD UNIVERSE presents DANGEROUS LOVE MUSIC BY WAVESHAPER Dangerous Love is a tribute to 1980′s sexuality, excess and rebellion. Footage sourced from dozens of VHS tapes including Heavenly Bodies, Rad, Breaking All The Rules, Valley Girl,Gleaming The Cube, Get Crazy, Girlfriend From Hell, Body Double, The Last Starfighter and many others. This video is protected under fair use copyright law. It
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Polarcode – Supernatural (Official Video)

A supernatural video odyssey inspired by these fine works: Memorex by Smash TV Com Truise ‘Fairlight’ Official Video by 10 lb. Pictures Toro Y Moi – Cola (Music Video) by David Dean Burkhart Support Polarcode and download Supernatural on iTunes, BandCamp or Last FM. Watch the video on both YouTube and Vimeo. Special thanks to the Chevrolet ’84 Corvette.


Top Ten Movies From 1994

A year of juxtaposition, dark comedy and reality bending. by Rad Universe   1. Pulp Fiction (directed by Quentin Tarantino)   Perhaps the most influential film of the 90’s, Pulp Fiction plays it cool like Fonzie with its beat-heavy soundtrack of surf, rock and soul music, non-linear storytelling, iconic gangster characters and hip genre pastiche. Quentin Tarantino knows
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#RAD Beverly Hills 90210 Theme

This is my take on one of the best 90’s TV theme songs, Rad Universe style!! Special thanks to Inside Smiles and Yoga Bent for helping me bring my vision to life.


Crave The Joe

“Crave The Joe” – G.I. Joe / Ocean Spray Remix Rad Universe #9 — Special Thanks to Ferocinator Source Material: 1) Ocean Spray Cranberries “Taste The Wave” – 1995 Commercial 2) G.I. Joe “U.S.S. Flag Aircraft Carrier” – 1986 Commercial


This Is Drugs On TV

RAD UNIVERSE #8: Sorry for being silent the past few months. It’s been a very busy year for me, but I’m staying rad and continuing my journey through recycling the past. I’ve been playing with some new ideas and am happy to unveil my 8th mashup/remix: “This Is Drugs On TV.” After making this, I
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Don’t Wake the Dragon!

If you happen to get your hands on some Chernobyl energy drinks and find yourself in a Hot Tub Time Machine, you’ll have a most excellent time sliding back to 1986: the year of the dragon! This was the year of Top Gun, Invisible Touch, and the Internet Message Access Protocol. Reagan was talking arms
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