Dangerous Love



Dangerous Love is a tribute to 1980′s sexuality, excess and rebellion. Footage sourced from dozens of VHS tapes including Heavenly BodiesRadBreaking All The RulesValley Girl,Gleaming The CubeGet CrazyGirlfriend From HellBody DoubleThe Last Starfighter and many others.

This video is protected under fair use copyright law. It is presented for the purpose of entertainment. No infringement is intended.


VHS SOURCE LIST (in order of appearance)

  1. Heavenly Bodies (Key Video, 1985)
  2. Rad (Embassy Home Entertainment, 1986)
  3. Breaking All The Rules (New World Video, 1985)
  4. Valley Girl (Vestron Video, 1982)
  5. Gleaming The Cube (Vestron Video, 1989)
  6. Get Crazy (Embassy Home Entertainment, 1983)
  7. Depeche Mode – “Just Can’t Get Enough” (Warner Reprise Video, 1986 – from Some Great Videos)
  8. Girlfriend From Hell (IVE, 1990)
  9. Kim Wilde – “Kids In America” (Vestron Music Video, 1984 – from Picture Music)
  10. Body Double (Columbia Tristar Home Video, 1993)
  11. Kim Carnes – “Betty Davis Eyes” (Vestron Music Video, 1984 – from Picture Music)
  12. Beyond The Mind’s Eye (BMG Video, 1992)
  13. Billy Squier – “Everybody Wants You” (Vestron Music Video, 1984 – from Picture Music)
  14. Computer Animation Magic (MPI Home Video, 1987)
  15. Kathy Smith’s Body Basics (JCI Video, 1985)
  16. Dream A Little Dream (Vestron Video, 1989 – from trailer on Gleaming The Cube)
  17. Hollywood Hot Tubs 2: Educating Crystal (IVE, 1990)
  18. The Last Starfighter (TV Broadcast recorded on Polaroid Supercolor, mid-1980’s)
  19. Temptation Tours: Hana & Beyond (Temptation Tours, 1994)

* Years are of the VHS release, not the film release (ex. Body Double was originally released in 1984)

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